The UCLA CWH Advisory Board members help shape the future of world health through their support of and interaction with the UCLA Center for World Health. Members are visionaries with influence who provide mentorship and strategic guidance for the achievement of UCLA CWH mission statement and main objectives. They have keen interest in target medical-service and capacity-building in geographic regions, including China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and southern Africa. We welcome your inquiries. Please contact Fedra Djourabchi, MsHC, Director of External Relations at or 310-206-9398.

Time and Service Commitment

  • Board service for a three-year renewable term.
  • Attending three meetings per year during fall, winter, and spring quarters.
  • Willingness to recruit at least one new Advisory Board member and to be advocates for the Center’s priorities and objectives.
  • Ability and willingness to attract committed individuals to support UCLA CWH activities, securing at least one International Circle supporter each year. (minimum contribution of $1,000)

Advisory Board Goals and Duties

  • To raise awareness of the UCLA CWH educational, research, and clinical initiatives.
  • To provide strategic advice to faculty and staff administration and support fundraising activities for specific causes.
  • To support UCLA CWH through a financial contribution: Advisory Board members will make a personal gift of or raise at least $10,000 annually, per member.

Value of Advisory Board Membership

  • Opportunity to make an impact in world health based on each member’s expertise and passion.
  • Opportunity to learn firsthand about breakthrough research and procedures.
  • Recognition of Advisory Board member contribution on our UCLA Center for World Health website as well as in our yearly Annual Report, subject to member approval.

Current Board Members

Dai Goodwin Damian

Steven Dai

Les Goodwin

Damián Mazzotta

Rafael Suarez Minda Wilson

Craig Russell

Rafael Suarez

Minda Wilson