The purpose of this survey is to collect information on UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA Health System projects that are international in nature or may be relevant to global health. Examples could include basic science work that is solely conducted in the U.S. but has global health relevance (ie, work on malaria); a project with international partners; one that takes place in another country; or one which you feel makes a contribution to global health in some way. We would like to err on the side of being inclusive, so if you are not sure, please include a project for now, and we can follow up if necessary.

Note: Please complete one survey for each project; do not list multiple projects in one survey. Once you have completed submission of a project, you will be given the option of opening a new survey to enter an additional project. We have designed the survey to be as brief and quick as possible, and it should not take long to complete.

Please also note: You should only complete a survey if you are with the David Geffen School of Medicine or UCLA Health; other projects cannot be included in this database.

The data we collect in this survey is used as a resource for UCLA faculty, residents,fellows,  students, and staff, as well as to inform the world about the international work being conducted at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and UCLA Health.

Thank you in advance for completing this important survey.

If you have any questions or problems with the survey, please contact Greg Szekeres at or 310-825-1463.

This survey is for UCLA DGSOM/UCLA Health faculty. Please indicate at which location you spend the majority of your time.
Note: Westwood includes campus, Ronald Reagan, Mattel, and Resnick Medical Centers

Please list the details about the project.

Please list the primary site where the project takes place.

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