Since 2010, UCLA Health has developed one of the largest and most experienced international telepathology programs in the world, having reviewed over 2,200 international clinical cases as of 2015.

Telepathology is a form of telemedicine that allows physicians to practice pathology at a distance. Through the use of advanced telecommunications technology, pathology images from around the world are being used for the purpose of clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as education and research. By breaking down geographical barriers, telepathology makes quality healthcare more accessible and more convenient for patients.

UCLA’s telepathology service uses industry-leading whole-slide image software to ensure high-quality diagnostic care for patients. Whole slide imaging refers to the scanning of traditional, glass microscope slides to generate a digital image that can be transmitted electronically. Any hospital in the world with whole-slide scanning capabilities is able to send a case to UCLA pathologists for consultation, and vice versa. This digitization of traditional slides greatly expands the provision of healthcare and is changing the way that patients seek care globally.

The UCLA international telepathology program began in 2010 with a partnership with the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University. The program has since expanded to reach more patients in China through additional collaborative agreements with leading regional hospitals. A current list of partnerships includes:

  • Beijing Yuho Rehabilitation Hospital, Beijing
  • First People’s Hospital, Yancheng
  • Gongli Hospital, Shanhai-Pudong
  • Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
  • Sixth People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou
  • Tondge Hospital, Hangzhou
  • United Family Hospital & Clinics, Beijing

The program is managed by an expert team of UCLA faculty: Dr. Scott W. Binder (Director, National & International), Dr. Jian Yu Rao (Director, International), Dr. W. Dean Wallace (Director, Anatomic Pathology), Dr. Serge Alexanian (Associate Director, International and On-Site Director, Shanghai), and Dr. Fernando Palma-Diaz (Associate Director, California).

The program’s success has also stimulated similar collaborations with other UCLA medical specialties, including radiology, oncology, and nuclear medicine. For more information on UCLA Health International Telemedicine, please visit:

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